Nvidia abandoned manufacturing SoCs for smartphones and tablets

A few years ago, the throne as the best manufacturer of SoCs for mobile fought it Nvidia, Qualcomm and Samsung mainly. But much has changed everything since then . Samsung has spent two years working in the shadows (the Exynos range could not be used in the flagships of the company by its incompatibility with 4G LTE).

Mediatek, this until recently only in low-end terminals, begins to grow and terminals appear mid to high range. Qualcomm, in the absence of real competition, it has become the domain of the market with its Snapdragon range . And Nvidia, the last big player , with such superiority of Qualcomm and failure in recent years, announced today for leaving the market for SoCs for smartphones and tablets. Qualcomm’s monopoly is hurting the rest of companies This was confirmed by its CEO to CNET , explaining that the company will leave the smartphone market (and therefore the tablet) to focus on other sectors such as gaming and cars, two markets that are experiencing great growth in recent months and where the lines of business of the company may be multiplied, unlike the world of smartphones where Qualcomm’s monopoly and to a lesser extent, Mediatek in the lower ranges, just leave a gap for Nvidia achieve customers and place their SoCs in the market.

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Is always sad when a company leaves a market, because diversity is lost, but, from the point of view of Nvidia, is clearly the best option . Its SoCs have been overtaken by Qualcomm and Samsung in terms of performance, and policy drivers has shown in recent years has been severely criticized (see the case of HTC One X , who was unable to upgrade to later versions of Android by the lack of drivers for Nvidia), which has caused the company to lose customers and popularity in the sector. Hopefully now, in these new markets, things get better.

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