The Dark Side Of Working At Apple

Apple, a company that leads the way in design and innovation can be the utopian goal of many people. But like all jobs in the world, even the Cupertino company has its black points and drawbacks. Thus spoke about work on Apple Jordan a former designer who had to go ashore when his dream became a nightmare.

As told to Medium, Jordan is a San Francisco designer young and promising that after several jobs was fortunate to be interviewed by Apple to see if they fit within the company. The interviews were surprisingly good and the managers decided it was time to give it a try, so Jordan began working at Apple. The beginning was exciting and motivating but suddenly encountered a problem that no job in the world is immune: A boss with bad manners. Suddenly, the personalized service, the nice office or supercompetente team of designers he worked with became dust.

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The jokes at his expense , unnecessary pressure on jobs or banal designs began to take its toll on your mind. It complains that Jordan is more of inflexible schedules to work at Apple. Finally, after some time, the former designer decided to resign and let a personalized little note to your boss. The remedy, a bit drastic, but has been criticized has given wings to tell his story. However there are several points here that are worth highlighting here. In meetings and methodology are disruptive but very promising and motivating first is that Apple, despite being a pioneer among technology companies, it is still a company in this world.

Jordan explained how to work at Apple and its designers were amazing , taking a team whose borderline obsession for detail. Thing we can certainly appreciate their products. On the other hand the constant meetings and the methodology explained, if somewhat disruptive, were very promising and motivating. However, as often happens, one person was able to spoil the work of a promising young person. Or did Jordan as happened to Icarus, which was too close to the sun? Today Apple continues to lead in innovation and design in the world of technology but no matter how good a project or a company, you always have a dark side to be faced.

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