4.7 inches is not enough, Apple

It seems that all the rumors suggest that the next iPhone will be a we see iPhone 4.7 inch . Finally, many Apple fans will see the company listens to their prayers and forgets to 4 inches to make the leap to a bigger screen. But why now? While I welcome the decision to increase the size of the screen if it’s true, so far all is conjecture-the jump from four-inch screen iPhone 5s to 4.7 inches of a hypothetical iPhone 6 leaves Apple evidence: if you do, do it before, now you’re late.

Therefore, in all likelihood Apple will have to find an excuse to argue why its innovative 4.7-inch iPhone. What are the benefits of an iPhone 6 with respect to any high-end competition? course, the race to see who’s got big late. Let us therefore, some of the excuses that Apple could take to convince, what I’d like to hear from Tim Cook when the iPhone is of course present.

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It is the terminal market with greater autonomy

If getting bigger iPhone screen, Apple gets outdo the rest of the competition as far as autonomy is concerned, Apple will have me convinced. Why? Because you will have a relatively large screen, keep a relatively small size and get excel in the wholesale sector problems: the battery. If thanks to a 4.7 inch iPhone I see the first smartphone reaching the three days of autonomy , will congratulate Apple for this change.

The iPhone 6 is the thinnest smartphone market

The truth is that as the first point there is not so complete. The iPhone 5 and 5s are extremely thin and optimize as much as the next terminal, it is difficult to make a difference. Still, it could be justified by showing an enlarged 4.7-inch smartphone market smaller . And please Apple, do something with the edges of your terminal: Learn from LG.

A much more powerful iPhone

We could also see in the next iPhone a terminal so extremely powerful that needed to be bigger . In fact, that’s how the race for the largest moving began on Android devices need to include large batteries capable of giving life to a hungry processors. We have seen that Apple took a first step to a new generation of ultra-powerful devices with 64-bit processor of the latest generation and the next iPhone could see the future of smartphones as Apple. The result? A growing reliance on computers and less about more and more portable terminals capable of performing complex tasks.

Whatever it is, I hope the main novelty of the new iPhone is not a larger screen , but this is the cause of a superior innovation. Because if you pretend you in 2014 to revolutionize the market with a 4.7 inch screen, are simply outdated.

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