4 Myths about the design of Apple

Apple has always been synonymous with design. Since its inception it has placed particular emphasis on this aspect, not just talking about hardware or industrial design but also referring to the software, the interface design of their operating systems and programs. Steve Jobs, or follower of Bauhaus designs of Dieter Rams for Braun, always believed that good design to distinguish from other companies Apple and would differ from their products.

But how Apple designs? What is your design methodology? Beyond interviews, a book or the appearance of Jony Ive in a documentary about design, little is known about the design process of the company . Even much of Apple employees are not authorized to view the design departments so most of the information that arise in this regard are mere speculations over the years have developed into genuine myths.

Mark Kawano, founder of the startup Storehouse, was a senior designer at Apple for seven years, where he worked in Aperture and iPhoto to subsequently become User Experience Evangelist in charge of guiding developers to create applications that encajasen on Apple platforms. During the seven years he worked for Apple, lived the launch of the iPhone and the boom in the world of applications. In an interview with Co.Design , Kawano tells us how to work as a designer at Apple and a number of myths about it. We will see.

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Apple has the best designers

One of the feelings that had always been Apple and their design team is working in it’s best designers but that need not necessarily be true. There is something more important than that and is the design culture that all employees of Apple have inculcated as Kawano explains:

Actually it is the culture of the engineering department and the way the organization is structured to appreciate and support the design. Everyone there is thinking in the design of products and software, not just designers. And that’s what makes everything about the product is much better, much more than any designer or design team

Everyone at Apple think to some extent as a designer is often said that good design has to start from the highest levels of a company, which CEO has to worry about and evaluate the design as much as the designers themselves, however , the important thing is that from the first to the last employee of a company you have in mind. This, according to Kawano, everyone at Apple, from engineers to marketers, to some extent think like a designer. Apple hires employees really take into account the design in all its decisions.

The Apple design team is infinite

Contrary to what it may seem, the Apple design team is not so large when you consider the size of the company and the importance of design on it. When Kawano worked at Apple, its main products, talk about products and software were designed by a relatively small group of about 100 people, in contrast to the hundreds of designers from Facebook or Google almost 1,000. If every worker in your company cares about the design, you do not need an infinite computer.

One of the peculiarities of Apple is that its designers have specific tasks assigned. A designer could work together in creating icons and interfaces, to name a nearby field work Kawano example.

Apple takes the utmost care to detail, nothing is accidental

Small details make a product empathize with the attention to detail is one of the aspects that highlight the Apple products. And, in many cases, small details define a product as good or bad . For instance, typing a password incorrectly, the password box is stirred in response. This kind of detail that may seem insignificant, are what make empathize with the product. To Kawano This is a critical aspect and the way to approach is what differentiates Apple from other companies.

Many companies try to imitate this idea, we need a function to get done quickly and simply. The problem is that while designing can not be passed to the next task until the appropriate animation is achieved. The reality is almost impossible to really innovative things when you have a deadline and schedule

In Apple, as has Kawano, designers and engineers often come with new ideas, such as based on the laws of physics or interfaces in three dimensions icons, ideas that occur when they are not working, but can pass years until the idea to give the right direction .

People are constantly experimenting with small ideas, and because the teams know what others have done, once a feature works, eg how to interact when the password is wrong, trying to avoid the dialog, then is when these interactions or animation animation concepts that have just been built by type of fun experiments and see if anything there and if you can apply are taken.

Jobs’s passion frightened employees

The passion with which Steve Jobs had worked many times it was quite irascible if something did not like, something that led him to win a reputation for ruthless boss and design department knows a few things about that. There was a legend within Apple who spoke that designers should always take the stairs to avoid meeting with Steve Jobs in the elevator because if they did they ask for their work and had only two options, he did not like what he heard , being in danger workplace designer, or the idea that encantase, finishing off days there designer. This obviously is not literal, but Kawano takes care to explain how Jobs worked.

That’s where, often, a bad reputation is earned, but in reality he only wanted the best, and hoped that all the others would do the same. I had trouble understanding people who did not have the same objectives and wondered why they would be working for him. I think Steve had a very low tolerance for people who did not care about those things. It was hard to understand why people want to work in these positions and instead do not want to sacrifice everything for them.

Wakano not save bad memory of Jobs, contrary to his reputation said, was quite accessible , trying to avoid the roles within the company, emphasizing personal attention, although that did not mean he was not very demanding.

The design is definitely one of the bastions of Apple , something that will be remembered. There have been no other technology company has put much emphasis on this aspect, and through it has largely become what it is, forcing other companies to give a twist to his philosophy and forcing them to bet very strong by design, something that we all benefit.

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