5 free Android client for Reddit


For those who do not yet know exactly what is Reddit, is a website where users can leave links to web content interesting that they see fit, and other users can vote for or against the bonds, making it go up or down positions between highlights. you do not miss anything on Reddit, here you have 5 free Android Reddit client , whether smartphone or tablet:

Reddit News Free

Does the job and is very visually similar to reddit sync, but with an additional lower bar with settings that wasted much the content of the screen to see more information. In addition it is the client’s “abandoned” by the developer , since you are not updated since February.

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Reddit Now

Another client that is quite similar to the rest and also serves to browse Reddit, although there are details like the fact that you can not (at least I could not) change the configuration of the cards with the links, preventing you can see more of 3 together on the screen of your smartphone. Then there is the issue of poor management with subreddits , placing them in a top bar in which you have to go carefully sliding between the names until you find that you like, which is not my ideal way to use Reddit. You can download it here .


I was rather surprised this client, especially the fact that it has the broad support (that is compatible with Android 2.0). However, you lose a lot because of its design , which can be confusing to the user. Specifically, it has a lower bar and upper two submenus, instead of grouping most options in a sidebar avoiding confusion. You can download it here .

Sync Reddit

A very competent Reddit client, updated very often by the developer, and has a very clean interface and clear and concise settings. However, in the free version (although it is completely understandable) displayed a banner ad in the middle of the screen useful for removing the content space, and even change the reading mode to “Add” the result can not see many links once . Another detail is that only available from Android 4.0. You can download Reddit Sync here .

Reddit is fun

Which is my default client for Reddit for almost forever. Simple, fast and with an interface line with what Google calls, separating the subreddits and different link states appropriately. Has two shortcomings: the banner ad-free version can be a little annoying, since they appear in the center of the screen, not at the bottom, and that currently is only available in English (as other clients), but it is something that had, since everything I read is in English. If you want to try, you can download reddit is fun here .

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