How Free VPNs Could Ruin Your Internet Connection

There are very many advantages that come with using a VPN as it is one of the most reliable and important tools for enhancing online security and also for providing you with complete anonymity when browsing the web. There are a lot of VPN services in the market today and they are all very different. There are also a few free options to choose from and are used by a lot of people. It always seems like a good idea to try out a free VPN service before going for a paid one, yet most people are not aware of the risks or inconveniences that are associated with free VPN services. Here are a few disadvantages that you may have to deal with should you decide to go with a free VPN service.

Less Than Ideal Infrastructure

When it comes to VPN services, the most important feature is infrastructure set up, both for paid or free VPN services. The infrastructure will determine how reliable the service is and unfortunately for a free VPN service, the infrastructure is more often than not less than ideal. Free VPN services are mostly afflicted with the problem of slow data transfer speed. Plus, most first time VPN users are unaware that the low data transfer speeds are not as a result of their connection but rather a lack of network infrastructure which is why they often end up having trouble with their connection. So if you are experiencing slow transfer speeds it could just be as a result of the free VPN service that you are using.

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Advertisements that you have to deal with

Because bandwidth, IT staff, and servers cost money, the VPN services provider has to monetize their free service somehow and the one way that they do this is by the use of advertisements. Free VPN services will mostly come with annoying pop-up ads that will at the very least distract you.

Free VPN may actually Track your online activities

Free VPN providers may use very sneaky and unethical ways to monetize their services. They may track your activities online so that they can sell your information to the marketing agencies and websites that you were trying to avoid in the first place by signing up with the service in the first place.

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