Top 5 Smartphones For Business

When you are a business person, you have to attend many meetings with the clients, carrying out business proposals and spearhead a product launch, this list goes on. The essence of having to coordinate this task and connecting to all important people to get their job done and convert this to results is very much the name of the game. Continue Reading

The Sixth Sense Device

I first heard of the Sixth Sense Device a good while ago through the amazing talk by Pranav Mistryon TED as shown below. I was excited for two reasons. Firstly, the technology is out of this world, within the next ten years will completely revolutionize how people interact with the environment around them. Secondly, Pranav’s aim isn’t to make money on this but instead to see the 6SD reaches its true potential and indeed change our lives, this is now looking like it could soon be a reality with the release of the open source code and step by step guide of how to make your own for around the $350 mark.  Continue Reading